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About Us



Innocent Azinyue, Founder and CEO of Vindata Solutions, Chief Editor of BAYAM-SELLAM: Le journal de vos petites annonces

Innocent Azinyue MSc, Founder and CEO

Innocent earned a schorlarship from the Cameroonian government to study information technology, at the Technical University of Darmstadt, Germany. After studying and working in Germany for 10 years, he moved to the California Silicon Valley in the USA, where he worked as a Software Engineer.
After 5 years, he opted to use his acquired skills as a Software Engineer, in fighting against poverty, illnesses, corruption, you name it, in Africa. He has written software for many sectors of the African society, specializing mainly in the medical sector, where he has developed patient management software solutions, pharmacy management solutions, and ARV drug and patient management solutions.

His solution packages are being used in the Yaounde Central Hospital, The Yaounde Hospital for Pediatry and Gynaecology, the Yaounde Military Hospital, Polyclinic du Palais and numerous pharmacies in the country's capital.

BAYAM-SELLAM: Le journal de vos petites annonces is another effort to bring order and visibility in an area in Cameroon, where there is complete chaos.




Employees of BAYAM-SELLAM: Le journal de vos petites annonces

No company can succeed without a good work force. Above is the team that works day and night, to bring you "BAYAM-SELLAM:Le journal de vos petites annonces". From left to right Magloire Tiave, Josephine Nyate, Henri Ejenguele, Diane Bayong, Bih Odette, Bih Nawene, Patience Nian and Antoine Mbede Ze